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Weston Renoud
12 June 1984
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Written so long ago. I'm different now, I may find the words sometime to replace this.

Oh gosh, talk about myself, what a horrible things to ask of a paragon.

Here is what I said to sell myself on the meat market.
I'm the nice, friendly, cute guy, who happens to be smart and a good singer. I'm a shy extrovert, if that makes any sense. Essentialy I'm very careful in new situations, but if I get comfortable watch out, I just might make you laugh. My worst trait is a combination of perfectionism (OCD for the more versed in psychology) and ADD. For me that means I either do amazing work well above and beyond the call of duty or I'm a flopp because I can't focus long enough, in part because I'm afraid I'll fail somehow. For others my combination of traits means I'm always concerned about them and their well-being, and I can be quite entertaining.
You will find I quote myself often. My thought is if I already wrote it well once, why risk messing it up.

Hey, I'm developing a site and a game, you should check it out. Its called Hooks 'n Shadows its about pirates vs ninjas.