Weston Renoud (rd84) wrote,
Weston Renoud

A self appointed position as origami currator (in a window sill)

In Juneau over the last two in-ports I found a small bakery and cafe called Paradise Cafe. It is both eclectic and cosy. Many of the chairs have plain white slipcovers. Many of the tables contain random objects for entertainment such as magnetic poetry or jumping jacks. On a far wall they have an antique tandem bicycle attached for display. But most importantly they have excellent baked goods and the best coffee in Juneau. I spent several afternoons developing an odd relationship with the place.

Multimedia message My first time in the cafe I found my spot at a table next to a window overlooking Marine Park and Gastineau Channel. The table was in a corner by the far wall with the tandem bicycle. On the window sill was a lamp, a drawing of a band and a yellow flower. On the table were the jumping jacks mentioned earlier and a small windup toy of a green robot rapper (I could tell it was a rapper because of its $ bling). I had brought my origami bag with the aim of folding something new.

In my origami bag I keep a book titled "Origami for the Enthusiast" from which I have folded possibly a third of the designs. On that first day I decided to try something new. I folded a robin, then a bunny. Next I finished a stink bug. I am less interested in the final object than the process of making it. Therefore, more than often I will give the origami to someone or leave it as a "random act of origami." On this day I decided to leave the pieces in the window sill. I had a sense that they would be appreciated.

Multimedia message I visited a few more times and found my pieces hadn't left the sill. The presumed owner shared that a few customers had been very intrigued by the origami, especially the free standing robin. So I added a mountain goat.

On the following in-port I visited again, I ordered a scone and a latte, he said it was on him. I thought of it as compensation for the origami. I will be curious to see if anything is left next year.
Tags: cafe, coffee, origami
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